Corvettes at Carlisle and at the Carlisle House

Alan & Jennifer

The Vettes are back in force.  Carlisle Events estimates that over 5000 Corvettes have arrived at the show grounds!

James & Debra

We are always happy to see our annual visitors at the Carlisle House, especially Alan and Jennifer for their 6th visit.

James and Debra, here for their 3rd year, arrived in their bright red Vette to relay the happy news that they are now engaged.  Congratulations!


First timers, Keith and wife Rachel, have a beautiful Carlisle Blue 2012 model.  This car was introduced by Chevrolet to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Corvettes at Carlisle!

Our parking lot is full of 8 various models and colors,  all buffed and immaculate. 

We are all looking forward to the Corvette Parade and street fair in the downtown Saturday night…beautiful weather predicted. 

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