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April 2014 News

from Mary & Alan
at the Carlisle House

Ten short years ago today...

on April 6 2004, we opened the doors to our first guests, Marillyn and Julia. As we write this newsletter, we are drawn back to the start of our new life.

On March 26 2004, we took over the Carlisle House which had been a B&B for only two years or so. When we started, it was an empty shell, and we had just 11 days to completely prepare it and furnish it for guests. What fun we had! And we still have fun every single day greeting new and old friends, as guests from all over the world walk through our doors.

So, thank you for the first 10 years, and we hope to see you again soon.

Celebrating ten years as innkeepers!

Another major Anniversary in Carlisle...

is the 20th Anniversary of the Market Cross Pub on North Hanover Street. Our friends Jeff and Joanne Goss, and Jeff and Ashleigh Goss Corby have been celebrating in style during this past week or so. If you haven't visited, then you should go and sample their beers and ales, including those made in their own brewery!

They have a great menu with English staples such as fish and chips, bangers and mash, shepherd's pie, cottage pie and so on, but also make terrific sandwiches, and have many pub specialties.

Before and After

We thought you may enjoy seeing a few photographs of "Before and After" of your favorite rooms here at the Carlisle House. The before pictures are as it was when we first saw it in January, 2004, before it was totally emptied prior to our purchase.

The English Library was called something entirely different when we bought the Carlisle House, but the name change seemed entirely appropriate to us when we saw the beautiful built-in bookcases!

The Rose Room Bathroom was equipped with a rather beautiful, but more than a little impractical clawfoot tub. Eventually we replaced it with a modern soaking tub with a marble surround and jetted shower.

Called the "Secret Garden Room" by the previous owners, this room was once the kitchen of our home. It had been pretty well mauled around over the years, and when we took possession it had a suspended ceiling with fabric-covered walls. We made it into a second bedroom for the Anna Woods suite, and upgraded just about everything we could!

In Jessie's Room, the bathroom was of a most peculiar long and narrow shape which was a serious limiting factor. We managed to upgrade it to a shower with 6 body jets, and a seat with 10 massaging back jets. We call it the "20-minute late for breakfast bathroom" now!

Area Events - April 2014 and onward!

the Market Cross Pub & Brewery 20th Birthday Bash! Saturday April 12th at 4pm to 6pm (just 3 blocks from the Carlisle House)
Admission: $15 in advance, or $25 on the day

On Wednesday April 23rd from 5pm to 7pm
Join Alan Tumblin at

The Castlerigg Wine Shop
as they celebrate National Secretary's Day honoring all the secretaries, administrative assistants, and executive assistants who help your business run smoothly. Enjoy a complimentary taste of their April featured wine, Blue Diamonds.

Spring Carlisle
Wednesday April 23 to Sunday April 27 at Carlisle Fairgrounds. The Collector and Classic Car swap meet, car corral and auction is the first meet of the major Carlisle automotive shows. With 150-acres of cars, parts, vendors, and many, many auto enthusiasts, this is a fun-filled few days for all members of the family.

It is often said that if you can't find what you want at a Carlisle show, then it doesn't exist! Find many more details at Carlisle Events website

Wednesday April 23 to Sunday April 27
Celebrate Spring Carlisle at the Castlerigg Wine Shop
just bring the Castlerigg Wine Shop advertisement from the Carlisle Events program for special pricing!

On April 25th to 27th
Something's Afoot!
at the Carlisle Theatre where the Carlisle Theatre Company will delight you with a murder-mystery-musical which takes a satirical poke at Agatha Christie mysteries and musical styles of the English music hall of the 1930s.

On April 27th at 4pm
Brahms’ Ein Deutsches Requiem
First Evangelical Lutheran Church, corner of High and Bedford streets
The Dickinson College Choir, Collegium and Orchestra unite to perform Brahms’ Ein Deutsches Requiem with soloists Anne Jennifer Nash ’96 (soprano) and Damian Savarino (baritone).

Sponsored by the Cecil Andrew and Adeleine Ewing Fund, this concert is presented in honor of Professor Emeritus of Music Truman Bullard.

On June 7th at 7:30pm
The Fabulous Hubcaps
at the Carlisle Theatre. On October 13, 2013, The Fabulous Hubcaps had the privilege of being inducted into The Maryland Entertainment Hall of Fame. Don't miss the opportunity to see this great Rock 'n' Roll Oldies Band who have performed everywhere from the White House on down!

At the Dining Table

And the winner of our competition
for a new international-themed quiche is... Diane!

As you probably know, we have been running a competition for a new internationally-themed breakfast quiche idea which required entrants to supply a country, along with relevant ingredients.

We resisted the impulse to try out a Korean Quiche with Kimchi, and also disqualified the proposed Ukrainian Quiche on the grounds that the cabbage and sorrel may have worked, but a sweet and indefinably red quiche would probably be singularly unattractive to our guests. If any of you would like to try it though, please do not let us put you off, and we look forward to hearing your reactions!

We agreed with Molly Ann that after the winter we needed to think of somewhere warm, and Aruba sounded great, but we just couldn't quite figure out how to use goat meat in a way that would work for breakfast. Now a dinner quiche with jerk seasonings and goat meat may be totally different, and if we try it we'll be sure to let you know!

Many of the entries seemed to be more suitable for pizza than quiche, and I confess that I am looking forward to trying out a pork and sauerkraut pizza - thanks for the idea Katherine! - and Phil came up with the idea of a Quattro Stagione quiche, but unfortunately that wouldn't work because the four quadrants each have a different topping, and what if everybody wanted the mushrooms? Likewise of course, a Quattro Formaggi may end up with our guests fighting over the ricotta...

So, after many hours of consideration along with a few pained expressions amd a lot of mental drooling over the imagined flavors, we can now reveal that the winner is Diane, with her idea for an Irish Quiche. We took her suggestion of potatoes and beer (!) and ran with it to produce a quiche with Corned Beef cooked in Guinness, Kale, Potatoes, and Dubliner Irish Cheese. We were delighted at the thought that we could take a traditional breakfast dish of corned beef hash, and transform it into a quiche which was really enjoyed by our guests who were with us on St Patrick's Day.

You can find the recipe on our Breakfast page.

For the websites of the Carlisle area's fine restaurants, please visit our Dining page at thecarlislehouse.com

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Great Photography by Christian Giannelli
Other photographs by the innkeepers!
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