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September 2013 News

from Mary & Alan at the Carlisle House

Carlisle is alive with throngs of Dickinson students, the Corvettes have left town, and Carlisle Events have a new show at the fairgrounds. So naturally, our main picture is of a Red Chair!

More about the Red Chair later, but first we'd like to tell you about the "All New interactive Hunting, Fishing, Sport-Shooting & Adventure Event" by Carlisle Events at the Carlisle Fairgrounds.

The event manager tells us that "the Carlisle Sports & Outdoor Nationals will be an event run at Carlisle like no other".

And with attendees like Bwana Jim, the Catfish Queen, the Virginia Giant, AND the Redneck Games - well, we're not going to disbelieve him!

This show is definitely the place to be if you love the outdoors, or if you are country competitive, or even if you just like the idea of learning how to enjoy life out of the big cities!

Click to download a Newsletter .pdf

The Red Chair

We remember with affection our days of yore when we could wander into a supermarket and pick up a reasonable bottle of wine or a six-pack of good beer - that, of course was not in Pennsylvania where the alcohol laws are strange almost beyond the powers of human comprehension!

Because they leave so many of our guests confused, we are devoting our "At The Dining Table" section this month to an assessment of which restaurants do or do not serve any form of alcoholic beverage, and which you can BYOB and which you can't. We also tell you where you can buy YOB in Carlisle!

The Red Chair On the Road
Why a Red Chair? The Red Chair’s story started on Cape Cod, where in the spring of 2012, it visited the finest inns of the Cape. This lucky chair surfed the waves off Nantucket, explored the cranberry bogs of Chatham, enjoyed the view from Nobska Light in Falmouth, watched the grist mill turn at Stony Brook in Brewster and the sun set over Menemsha.

Later that year, the chair traveled all over New England, and is now on its way to California through fourteen states, stopping off at the finest Inns and Bed & Breakfasts for a few days at each on the way. As we write this newsletter, the Red Chair is here with us in Carlisle, enjoying the wonderfully eclectic choices of what to see, where to go, and what to do.

Red enjoyed shopping at the Farmers Market! and loved the fresh produce from Three Springs Fruit Farm, one of the wonderful local farms that are at Farmers On The Square every Wednesday afternoon in the season.

Area Events
September 2013 and onward!

Carlisle Sports & Outdoor Nationals
September 6 - 8;
Carlisle Events, Carlisle Fairgrounds, Carlisle
Whether you hunt, fish, hike, race, camp or just love to enjoy what Mother Nature has to offer, this event is just for you.

Much Ado About Nothing
7:30pm on September 13, 18, and 19; 2:00pm on September 15
Carlisle Theatre, High Street, Carlisle
Alan's all-time favorite Shakespeare play, full of humor, romance, and intrigue! Sponsored by the Department of English at Dickinson College, this modern film version Directed by Joss Whedon was shot in just 12 days and uses all the original text!

Scotty McCreery
Friday September 20;
Luhrs Center
Shippensburg University, 1871 Old Main Drive, Shippensburg, PA 17257

Monty Python's Spamalot
The Tony Award Winning Musical will be live on stage at the Carlisle Theater for six performances from October 11 through October 19. Why not join us for an overnight stay? You'll still be laughing at breakfast the next day!

Carlisle is also famous for the Letort Spring Run and the Yellow Breeches, two of the best trout-fishing streams in the world. It was a huge pleasure to introduce Red Chair to Ed Shenk who has been described as "a consummate fisherman" and who originated many important fly patterns, including the Letort Hopper, Letort Cricket, and the Shenk Sculpins.

From his earliest experiences fishing the Letort to his famous three-season pursuit of the gargantuan trout "Old George," Ed Shenk has remained fascinated by the ways of trout and hopelessly in love with the waters they call home.

Ed's wonderful book "Ed Shenk's Fly Rod Trouting" is avalable at amazon.com.

There is of course no way we could let Red leave Carlisle without introducing him to Carlisle resident and Revolutionary War heroine Molly Pitcher. Molly's memorial is just 300 yards from the Carlisle House in the old Carlisle Cemetery.

We encourage you to visit redchairtravels.com to see all of Red's adventures, and to follow the path all the way to California.

And of course you can find many photographs of his sojourn in Carlisle on our Facebook page.

At the Dining Table

As we mentioned above, this month we are talking about the various ways in which Pennsylvania allows you to have a drink with your meal.

Licenses from the State vary from a "six-pack and pour" license which allows the maximum sale of a six-pack and the pouring of a beer for consumption on the premises, through a beer-distributor license which allows you to sell beer, but only by the case, right the way through a full license which permits you to serve and sell all types of alcohol for consumption on the premises. With many variations in-between.

Typically for the purposes of buying alcoholic beverages there are three options. Various bars allow you to buy six-packs, but you are only allowed to buy two six-packs - one for each hand (seriously!). A beer-distributor can sell you cases of beers without limit - but they are not allowed to sell you just a six-pack. For wines and hard liquor you would need to visit a PA Wines and Spirits store, of which there are just two in Carlisle. Are you still with me here?

We really recommend that you start your decision making with our Dining Page which we try hard to keep as up-to-date as possible - but here are a few of the more important points to know.

The only restaurant which we know is alcohol-free is Issei Noodle which also has the most limited opening hours. If you are a fan of Japanese and Vietnamese food however, their new menu has some great selections, and we always leave feeling well-fed!

Trattoria Piatto and Andalusia both have full bars, but their choices are weighted very heavily towards Italy and Spain respectively. Although you may not find your old favorite wine there, you are almost certain to find your new favorite!

Cafe Bruges and Market Cross Pub both serve beer only, with Bruges exclusively serving importing Belgian beers, and the Market Cross serving an extensive selection of draight beers (including some from their own brewery) and an unbelievable selection of beers from around the world. Of the two, Market Cross allows you to take in wine and charges a small corkage fee.

Chen's Asian, Mt Fuji, AYA, and the White Elephant all permit alcohol to be taken in with no limitations.

Please NOTE! this is not intended to be a comprehensive list, and there are others that have full bars including the Gingerbread Man, the North Hanover Grille, and others. Rather we have tried to identify those where the selection is more focused, or more eclectic than usual.

The good news is that a few doors away on South Hanover Street a new Wine Store is to open in November. It will feature wines from five Pennsylvania wineries, and it will be allowed to sell by the bottle or by the glass. Yes! Yet another type of license to confuse the issue!

For the websites of Carlisle's fine restaurants, please visit our Dining page at thecarlislehouse.com

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