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June News

from the Carlisle House

The War Between the States, The War of Northern Aggression, The Civil War, whatever you call it, it had a profound effect on Carlisle and Carlisle had a similar effect on the war.

150 years ago in June and July of 1863, our town was "visited" by Confederate Troops of Lt. Gen. Richard S Ewell's Second Corps of the Army of Northern Virginia, and on July 1, by the Union Militia under Maj. Gen. William F. "Baldy" Smith, and two Brigades of the Cavalry and Horse Artillery of Maj. Gen. J.E.B. Stuart.

When Stuart demanded that Smith evacuate the town and clear out the women and children, Smith replied that he had done the latter, but refused to surrender the town. Stuart's artillery then bombarded the town for several hours before burning the Carlisle Barracks, and then finally leaving, late, for Gettysburg at 1am on July 2. Many historians believe that if Stuart's reconnaissance cavalry had been at Gettysburg before the battle commenced, Lee's tactics would have been so significantly different that the course of the war would have been altered.

In Carlisle you can still see the damage that the cannonballs inflicted on the Old Courthouse, and Father Mark Scheneman at St John's Episcopal Church on the square describes vividly how a shot entered the roof of the church, and can show you about where it landed!

Click to download a Newsletter .pdf

Maj. Gen. J.E.B. Stuart C.S.A.

Mary's Great-Great-Uncle John I. Faller was in Alexandria at that time with Company "C" of the 7th Regiment, Pennsylvania Volunteers and wrote back to his sister Cecilia in Carlisle "I am happy to hear the rebels have not molested you yet and I don't think they will. Just make yourselves as comfortable as possible and leave nothing trouble you. I suppose they have possession of the place by this time and I hope and trust they won't interfere with the women and children.".

On May 5, 1864 John Faller was captured during fighting just west of Fredericksburg, VA and was sent to Andersonville Prison in GA. He survived the war, was released in February 1865, and lived until July 9, 1914.

John Faller's Letter to the family from Antietam Battlefield following brother Leo's death earlier that day, known as "the bloodiest day in American history" with 23,000 killed, wounded, missing or captured.

Civil War Events
Please visit HistoricCarlisle.com for full details. Remember, for just $10 you can join Historic Carlisle Inc. for three years, and assist in its mission to "Recognize and Promote the History of Carlisle and Cumberland County".

Thru 10/26/131863 Invasion in the Valley - Cumberland County Historical Society
6/1/13"First Saturday - Art in Carlisle", the Generals, The Garden Gallery
6/7/13Walking Tour - Seen Through a Child's Eyes - DCA and HCI
6/7/131st Friday Kickoff
6/19/13Dr. Carol Reardon - the Battle of Gettysburg
6/20/13The Irish Brigade and Their Friends from Carlisle - Hubert Gilroy
6/28/13Summerfair Kickoff - Parade
6/28/13Skirmish at Cumberland - Cumberland County Golf Course
6/29/13Blue & Gray Gala - Carlisle Country Club
6/29/13A Civil War Sampler with music and entertainment of the period
6/30/13Commemorative Services
6/30/13Civil War Era Church Service
6/30/132nd service (child sitting available at this service)
6/30/13Commemorative Service
7/1/13Shelling of Carlisle
7/1/13Walking Tour - Lee's Calling Card - Summerfair and HCI

Also in July 1863…
Although nobody knew it at the time, on July 30, 1863 another event took place in Greenfield Township, Michigan which was to have a transforming effect in the whole of the world, and particularly in Carlisle, PA. On that day, William and Mary Ford gave birth to a son, Henry.

On June 7, the Carlisle Events Ford Nationals show starts, and the town will fill with exciting and entertaining cars. Ford weekend has a showfield of nearly 3,000 FOMOCO machines that span the life of the brand. There are seminars, displays like the High Performance 289 showroom and more.

There's also a Saturday night downtown Carlisle parade and street party. More than 400 cars will cruise the streets and backed by live music, the fun lasts into the night.

Don't miss this great gathering of Ford enthusiasts all in one place.

Slightly modified! In the 2012 Ford Parade and Street Party

Area Events
June 2013 and onward!

A Tribute to John Denver
Starring Chris Collins and the
Boulder Canyon Band

Friday June 7; 7:30pm
Carlisle Theatre, High St, Carlisle

9 to 5: The Musical

Friday July 5 and 6 at 7pm; July 6 and 7 at 2pm
Carlisle Theatre, High St, Carlisle

The story of three unlikely friends who conspire to take control of their company and learn there's nothing they can't do -- even in a man's world. Outrageous, thought-provoking and even a little romantic, 9 TO 5: THE MUSICAL is about teaming up and taking care of business... it's about getting credit and getting even...

Save the Dates!
October and November 2013!

Monty Python's Spamalot

The Tony Award Winning Musical will be live on stage at the Carlisle Theater for six performances from October 11 through October 19. Why not join us for an overnight stay? You'll still be laughing at breakfast the next day!
At the Dining Table

The Civil War, the Birth of Henry Ford, the Ford Nationals Car Show, must be time for another birth - but this time we are speaking culinarily! And not just one new offspring, but TWO!

Yes! In honor of Henry Ford and of the Cars at Carlisle organization, the Market Cross Pub will be brewing a new product, "Roadster Red Rye Ale". The addition of rye to the brewing process gives the ale a particularly crisp taste ideal for the summer months! We are really looking forward to trying this new ale. Maybe on a Tuesday evening with one of their fabulous Steak and Baked Potato Specials!

In honor of the Gettysburg Campaign/Civil War anniversary, we thought a new quiche was in order. We searched food products commonly used in the 1860s to find an interesting blend of flavors and devised our Corn and Bacon Pie. Comprised of toasted dried sweet corn (Copes brand in PA), crispy bacon, toasted onion, sage from our garden, and a sharp cheese we hope that you will be back soon to try it!

For the websites of Carlisle's fine restaurants, please visit our Dining page at thecarlislehouse.com

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